BCDF 2018

This festival needs the support of groups as we are please to say we will be returning this year!! Due to rising costs and low audiance numbers we can no longer offer financial rewards to either the youth or adult sections. In the unlikly event we have a profit, this will be donated to charity. We are pleased however to say that our entry fee for this year's festival will remain the same, along with our ticket prices! This could not have been done without the ongoing support from the sponsors, groups, and audiences. This year's festival we are hoping to show case even more exciting and dynamic productions. We hope to see both adults and youth groups entres.

Tickets will be on sale shortly, please check our website for updates

BCDF 2017 High Lights

Last year's festival was very good, It's a shame that we lacked audience support as there were some great productions from both youth and adult groups, however those who did come along and support the groups we very much apprecated this.